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Admission - Campus Transfer Program

A. General Information

Major Code: K7310630Q

Admission subject combination: A01, C00, C01, D01A01 (Math, Physics, English), C00 (Literature, History, Geography), C01 (Literature, Math, Physics), D01 (Literature, Math, English)

Level:  Ungraduate 

Form of training: Regular focus

Training time:  4 years (first 2 years in Vietnam, last 2 years in Taiwan)

Enrolled subjects: Vietnamese and foreign nationals who meet all the conditions prescribed by law, have graduated from high school or equivalent.

B. Training Program

- The two-party training program is based on the "Vietnam Studies - Tourism and Tourism Management" training program of Ton Duc Thang University and "Tourism and Entertainment Management " ”of National Penghu National University of Science and Technology, Taiwan.

- The program equips students with basic knowledge about culture, economy - society; in-depth knowledge of how to manage tourism, plan and implement tourism services; Mastering the skills of management, administration, organization, supervision and handling of issues related to the provision of tourism services. In particular, focus on training the ability to practice the profession and the attitude of receiving and handling problems that occur in tourism service business.

- Students studying in Tourism & Entertainment Management at TDTU will have jobs within 12 months after graduation and have the opportunity to become a global citizen.


C. The difference when studying Tourism and Entertainment Management (Campus rotation study) at TDTU

      - Flexible admission method, simple procedures, saving time and money.

      - Advanced, practical curriculum, recognized internationally. International learning environment, facilities, documents and international standard library (

      - Learn to enhance English, ensure the ability to learn directly in English in the joint program and easily transfer to study in Taiwan.

      - Participate in extracurricular activities, practice to comprehensively train the quality and teamwork skills, thinking, creativity, communication skills, presentations, ...

      - Participate in real career activities through professional contests, thematic classes, seminars and talks held regularly.

      - Scholarship policy for students with high entrance scores and excellent academic results. Degree with international value, received at the same time 02 university degrees.

D. Outcomes


      - Analyzing and assessing tourism impacts on economy, environment, culture and society.

      - Planning for tourism businesses.

      - Application of professional knowledge in research activities, management organizations, operating, tourism business.

      - Research management strategies for tourism businesses.

      - Analyzing tourism development trends.


      - Develop work processes of each department in the tourism business

      - Research and build new products in the field of tourism.

      - Ability to flexibly apply soft skills to jobs such as teamwork, communication, events ...


     Having a sense of discipline, labor discipline and a high sense of responsibility for oneself and work Having a spirit of commitment, serving for the development of people and society Having a spirit of self-discipline, hard work, loyalty real, socially responsible, professional ethics. There is an attitude of demand, learning, humility and initiative in work.



E. Job position after graduate

      - Sales, marketing and management staff at travel service companies: resorts, tourist sites, tourist attractions ...

      - In particular, candidates can work well in international tourism groups, facilities that provide travel services for international visitors in Vietnam and in Southeast Asia.

      - Self-creating new tourism businesses or managing specialized groups in tourism business.

      - Consulting on business strategies, exploitation, construction and supply of tourism products and promotion of travel services abroad.

      - Specialists in charge of Departments, Centers under the Ministry and Department of Culture - Sports - Tourism such as Tourism Professional Training Center, Tourism Research and Development Institute, Tourism Planning, Central tourism promotion center, ...

      - Participate in managing a number of sections in tourism businesses, tourist destinations and amusement parks in Vietnam and around the world, especially in the ASEAN region. Participate in teaching at tourism training institutions.

F. Mode of admission

- Method 1: Considering the results of High school learning process (grades 10,11,12)

- Method 2: Examining the results of High school graduation exam 2020

- Method 3: Admit students from high schools without having to attend entrance exams

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