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Student Supports


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International students are always offered support and excellent conditions to integrate into a multi-cultural environment, not only at TDTU but also in Vietnam.

Apart from the International Volunteer Team (IVT) with the most passionate, energetic members who are good at foreign languages and always ready to accompany and help those in need; we also believe that every individual at the university will be happy to act as a friendly guide. 

With the Laotian students – a large community at TDTU, the university always cares and provides them with the best conditions for them to feel comfortable while living, studying and enjoying themselves. We conduct a lot of interesting activities on campus to help students feel more at home and as a priority we try to recreate some of their traditional festivals. Also, on the occasions when we celebrate the friendship and cooperation between our 2 countries, there are always projects that give students from Laos and Vietnam a chance to get to know each other and start working together to become better.

More information on intrenational student support can be found here.