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Program 4 + 1 - Master of Sociology

Training Information Program 4 + 1 - Master of Sociology

Introduction to the training industry

Master's program in Sociology aims to create masters who make good use of the in-depth knowledge and scientific research methodology of sociology major at the expert level, capable of researching to solving problems and practical social issues in the world, offering solutions to help change social issues in a positive way. Currently, in-depth sociological knowledge is heavily used in the formulation of policies, projects, social organizations and the private sector ...

Outstanding characteristics

Training program: focusing on in-depth knowledge, highly applicable, built on the training programs of prestigious universities in the world, such as: Temple University (USA), Cornell University ( USA), The University of North Carolina (USA), University of Wisconsin-Madison (USA), New York University (USA), National University of Singapore (Singapore), Chiang Mai University (Thailand).

Study document

Rich learning materials, diverse from many open sources (material entirely in English).


Including senior professors, associate professors and doctors from research institutes and famous universities in the country and around the world.

Employment position

Can take on a job position in:

- State sector: specialists undertake key positions in departments, boards, branches ...

- Non-governmental areas (NGOs): project managers, coordinators, consultants ...

- Center, research institute: head of research topics, researchers ...

- Universities and colleges: lecturers, researchers ...

- Social organizations, businesses: experts undertake management, consultation positions ...

- Media agencies: journalists, editors, internal communication administrators ...

Benefits of participating in Program 4 + 1

Training time is short (5 years, there are two degrees: bachelor and master);

Be educated for a continuous period of time;

Favorable tuition fees and scholarship policies;

Participate in researching provincial / city topics with Faculty and Faculty researchers;

Participate in international scientific conferences;

Understand and familiarize the multicultural learning environment;

Master's degree at a prestigious and prestigious university in Vietnam;

Consider equivalence and transfer graduate study scores for some undergraduate subjects.

Subjects and conditions of participation

Target audience: Students who are TDTU students in year 3 accumulate a minimum of 70 credits in the university-level training program.

TDTU students in year 1 and 2 can register for the 4 + 1 program and attend one general education course (can be registered when they have not yet accumulated 70 credits).

Conditions for studying 4 + 1 programs

- Student majoring in Sociology; if the undergraduate training majors are in the near industry list, the disciplines other than sociology will be consulted and guided by the Faculties specific to each case;

- Students with a cumulative GPA of 7.0 (scale 10) or more are allowed to enroll up to 50% of the credits of the master's degree program. The remaining students are allowed to enroll up to 40% of the credits of the master's degree program.

Scholarship policy

Enjoy graduate scholarship policy from 25% -50% of tuition:

- TDTU students with excellent academic performance (GPA >= 8.00): scholarship of 50% of tuition fee;

- TDTU students with good academic performance (8.00 > GPA>= 7.00): 30% tuition scholarship;

- TDTU students: 25% tuition scholarship.

Contact information

(1) Postgraduate Department (Room B002)




Phone: 028-3775-5059

(2) Department of Specialization (Room B009)

- Ms. Nguyen Thi Thu Trang


Phone: 0903 863 378

- Mr. Hà Trọng Nghĩa


Phone: 0901660047