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Vietnamese studies, Major in Tourism and Tourism Management (Undergraduate Program in English)

1. Major: Vietnamese studies, Major in Tourism and Tourism Management (Undergraduate Program in English)

2. Major code: FA7310630Q

3. Admission complex (in 2023): A01; C00; C01; D01

4. Admission score in 2022 (40 points scale): 24.0

5. Level: Undergraduate

6. Program: Standard

7. Duration of study: 4 years

8. Program:

The program is organized and taught by a variety of different forms such as small group discussions, individual work, discussions with experts, practice at enterprises with active teaching methods and support facilities. modern.

The program equips students with basic knowledge about culture, economy - society; in-depth knowledge of how tourism management, planning, planning and implementation of tourism services; master the professional skills of management, administration, organization, supervision and solving problems related to the provision of tourism services. In particular, focus on training the ability to practice the profession and the attitude to receive and handle problems that occur in the tourism service business.

In November, 2021, the Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation (FIBAA) officially recognized and granted the Quality Seal for the Vietnamese studies industry, majoring in Tourism and Tourism Management, with an accreditation period of 5 years (2021-2026).

Program framework: see more at

9. Outstanding advantages of the program:

- The volume of branches and majors is taught in English, accounting for 100%; strengthen the soft skills necessary for the profession; the rate of hours of fieldwork and internship abroad is twice that of the school's standard program; be supplemented with professional knowledge and skills related to tourism management according to international standards;

- Lecturers with MSc or higher degrees or leading experts in the field; have rich practical experience, have foreign language ability or graduate from abroad, and have scientific research capacity;

- Enhance discussion, group work, case study activities, simulation practice, field practice; Participating in specialized seminars, seminars, and workshops with leading experts in the industry;

- Focus on studying in the International Building, comfortable classrooms, with wifi connection, serving learning some industry-specific subjects, teaching materials for specialized subjects are entirely in English;

- The class is organized with a small size (from 20-25 students/class), the lecturer covers and guides each student;

- Participating in practical professional activities through specialized competitions, thematic classes, seminars and talks helexchange courses and international short-term courses;

- Training association with large and reputable enterprises and companies: Saigontourist, Fiditour, Lua Viet, Ben Thanh tourist, Vietravel...Students can practice, practice and approach the real world right from the 2nd school year.

10. Career prospects:

- Sales, marketing, and management staff at companies dealing in tourism services: resorts, tourist attractions, tourist attractions... Especially, can work well in corporations international tourism, establishments providing tourism services for international tourists in the country and in Southeast Asia;

- Create a new tourism business by yourself or manage specialized groups in the tourism business;

- Consultant on business strategy, exploitation, construction and supply of tourism products and promotion of tourism services abroad;

- Specialist in charge of departments and centers under the Ministry and Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism such as: Center for professional development of tourism, Institute of Tourism Research and Development, Tourism Planning, Central tourism promotion center…;

- Participating in the management of a number of departments in tourism enterprises, tourist destinations and amusement parks in Vietnam and around the world, especially in the ASEAN region;

- Participating in teaching at tourism training institutions

11. Typical partners:

- Domestic partners:

+ Saigontourist Travel Service Co., Ltd

+ Lua Viet Travel Co., Ltd

+ Vietluxtour Travel Joint Stock Company

+ Thien Hong Hotel

+ Ky Hoa Hotel

+ Orchid Hotel

- International partners:

+ National Penghu University of Science and Technology (Taiwan)

+ Nakhon Pathom Rajabhat University (Thailand)

12. Contact Info:

- Tel: (+84) 283 775 5063

- Hotline: 0906717569

- Website: