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Expected learning Outcomes 2018, Tourism and Tourism Management, Standard program

1. Major in: Vietnamese Studies - Tourism and Tourism Management

2. Level: Undergraduate                   Mode of study: Mainstream

3. Degree: Bachelor

4. Programme Objectives - POs:

PO1: Training future tour guides, experts in the field of tourism with solid background knowledge both theory and practice.

PO2: Graduates will be able to create small and medium-sized travel and tourism businesses.

PO3: Students master the method of scientific research, independent and creative thinking. They are also able of self-studying, and continue to study in higher education courses / programs.

PO4: Students have the opportunities to participate in scientific research on tourism inside and outside the school.

PO5: Graduates become competent tour guides with high ethical qualities, political thought and good health.

5. Expected learning Outcomes- ELOs

Group of ELOs


Description of ELOs

General  knowledge

Basic knowledge on politics, natural sciences and social sciences, knowledge on foreign language and informatics.

ELO1: Understand the basic issues of The State and The Law in general, especially the issues related to tourism.

ELO2: Have basic knowledge of scientific methodology in tourism.

ELO3: Ability to use English efficiently (equivalent to PET B1 Cambridge or IELTS 5.0), and ability use Microsoft Office proficiently (equivalent to MOS certificate with the score at least 750/1000).

Specialized knowledge

Fundamental knowledge on Tourism industry; specialized knowledge on Tourism Management.

ELO4: Apply specialized knowledge to solve specific problems at work.

ELO5: Understand the multicultural tourism business environment.

ELO6: Apply specialized knowledge in exploiting and developing tourism products.

ELO7: Analysis of tourism development trend.

ELO8: Operate and execute domestic and international tours

Practical skills: involving manual dexterity and the use of methods, materials, tools and instruments

Professional skills

ELO9: Apply basic principles and skills in providing quality travel services to meet the needs of tourists.

ELO10: Proficient in professional practice skills on tour guide.

Cognitive skills: involving the use of logical, intuitive and creative thinking

Cognitive skills

ELO11: Have logical, system thinking, independent research.

ELO12: Have skills in negotiation, team work, presentation, event organization.

Attitude and awareness




ELO13: Have the spirit of self-conscious and hard-working, honesty, social responsibility, professional ethics

ELO14: Having an attitude of being positive with criticism, eager learning, humble, and active at work